Surgery and Recovery

About a month ago I went into surgery to repair a root tear in my meniscus, a medial tear in my meniscus, clean up an old lateral tear and repair a grade 3 MCL tear. I got kicked in the knee, rushed to the hospital, coded on the table and faced a long road of recovery. If I have heard one thing repeatedly it was to not rush the healing process. Anyone who knows three day event riders know that when a doctor gives you a recovery time usually you cut it in half. Unfortunately I was explained that my injury heals with scaring and if I wanted to avoid further surgery and have a functioning knee I had to follow protocol. So you can imagine my disappointment when my surgeon said 4 to 6 months of recovery. (Still shooting for three months!) Now let me also get this out there, I know I am extremely lucky to have an end in site to my injury. This besides a few concussions is my first major injury to put me on the sidelines and it’s been a learning process for me. I have had to learn to not do anything. My usually busy day starting with Crossfit and ending with riding a half dozen plus horses turned into sitting on a machine for six hours a day. Relying on other people to ride my horses, take care of them, check their legs etc. I never realized how much I check my horses legs until I couldn’t check their legs anymore.

Woodside horse trials was hard. I wanted so badly to be competing. But it was fun to watch everyone in my barn, something I usually don’t have time for. I cried when Kaitlin Veltkamp came galloping through the finish lines in a flawless advanced cross country round. I cheered as loudly as I could when Cathy Rich had a clean show jump round and I offered Ainsliegh my drink tickets after she fell off in show jumping. Being on the sidelines was new for me but not as terrible as I thought it would be. Fast forward to present day and I am now able to teach lessons, walk without crutches and I spend ALOT of time grooming my horses. I also had the opportunity to trailer my horses down to the Fresno County Horse Park for the Phillip Dutton clinic. It was awesome being able to watch him jump Condi and Rockefeller and get his input!
This injury has also made me realize that our barn is a pretty special place. After I got injured the support I felt from everyone was unreal. My mom took on the daily riding of Condi and Rockefeller and Kaitlin took baby Kedrah on as her own. Brynn has helped with the riding as has Shannon and Katie and I really can’t thank them all enough. Along with the riders my owners have been so understanding. I know they are as competitive as I am and sitting on the sidelines is probably just as hard for them. But their support has motivated me to get better as quickly possible. I can’t imagine where my life would be without them. My sponsors have been understanding and supportive as well and I really can’t ask for much more.
I am lucky enough to have a physical therapist who rides horses. He feels pretty confident that I will be able to compete by the August Woodside. It’s all I think about now! I am still on my machine throughout the day, and I still have a long way to go as my leg is still not too mobile. The bend I am getting is only about 95 degrees and they want it at 120. But the good news is it is healing and like I said I am incredibly lucky to have an end in sight!




Just now recovering and getting my life back in order after an unforgettable trip to Ireland!

photo30The day after we landed we woke up and suited up to go hunting with the Limericks! Our agent Aiden O Connell was kind enough to let me ride one of his hunt horses while Holly was able to rent a horse for the hunt.  We showed up at the village where everyone was meeting and it was right out of a book. We met in the center of a village with horses and hounds on the side of the road and all of the hunt riders in the local pub drinking hot whiskey and discussing the weather (snowing at some moments). I couldn’t get over how cool it was just to witness all of this. After the hot whiskey we hopped onto our horses and proceeded to follow the hounds down the concrete road. Everyone trotted with some walking and I did my best to maintain a slow gallop. I am not familiar with the hunt rules except I remember something about not passing the guy in the red coat and keeping my distance from those in the green coats.

photo 4Very quickly I realized that was going to be my hardest challenge. Saying my horse was fresh and fit was an understatement, we made it out into the first field and immediately the hounds caught a scent and we were flat out galloping, within seconds I was covered in mud. The footing which we were galloping in at times came up to the horses knees. It was insane. Thank god for that footing though, I cant imagine how fast my horse would have gone in regular footing. We quickly approached our first ditch and bank and well it gives a whole new meaning to ditches and banks. There really was not much time to get scared or maybe stop and ask myself if I had a death wish, we just had to do it. I found the backseat like I have never found before. I was proud of Holly she was white as a sheet (under all the mud) but rode like a champ. We jumped more ditches and banks, galloped more, and got even muddier.  Somewhere along the way my horse slipped and fell and I went with him after getting my foot caught on a branch. Holly and her horse face planted into the mud at one point, right before she took another mud bath when her foot got caught in a gate. It was utter and complete madness. I remember one bank in particular had the ditch on the backside but it was covered in brush. My horse didn’t realize the ditch was there and crashed into it and I just had to sit there while he figured out how to climb out. (Thank god for jump straps!!!)

photo 1I remember looking up at the other hunt members expecting them to be mortified but instead they looked completely at ease. I guess this was normal. I have never had so much fun. We trotted back into town (my horse still maintaining a slow gallop) loaded the horses up and at this point I realized I had earned myself my first hot whiskey and definitely not my last. Holly and I shed some of our clothes outside, washed some mud off in the sink of the pub then sat on newspapers with our muddy behinds. It was an experience of a lifetime. The scenery was picture perfect and the people on the hunt were very kind to us Americans. A cross country jump will never again look scary! This was just the start of our trip.

photo 19The following day we looked at horses. Peter Leanard was our first stop and he is always one of my favorites. He has the Ringwood horses. He is filled with so much knowledge it is incredible. His horses are always top class and his riding is a wonderful to watch. We sat on probably 7 horses there, one of them being Holly’s new horse LA Lux. I can’t remember the exact order of our stops after that but we also went to Annie O Gradys (where Mr Medicott came from and Ballynoe Castle.) She had some very nice horses, and it is always a treat riding at her place. We also went to Mikey O Rairdons place and as always it is one of the highlights of my trip. Mikey is a legend in Ireland. He is one year shy of seventy and he spends his days breaking babies and starting them over ditches and banks. (Bravest man I know). He put both holly and I up on a young one and took us into his back yard to jump his ditches and banks. Again, thank God for jump straps. He is a true Irishman and a character and very, very good at what he does.

We also went to Paul Donnovans and I always enjoy riding his horses along with his company. He has the Sportsfield horses and that is where we purchased Condi. We sat on some super horses at his place and saw some very promising young horses there. We went to some other barns as well (the names are slipping my memory) and we sat on quality horses wherever we went. It was an unreal trip.

photo 29Along with horse shopping we also had the opportunity to get a private tour of Coolmoore Stud. This place does not do private tours but we were lucky Aiden had an in with the Manager. I swear he knows everyone! The facility was right out of a movie. We got to see and pet Galileo and some other top stallions and we got an inside look into their day to day life at Coolmoore. We also got to attend a steeplechase race and in true Irish fashion it was raining, actually pouring. Our car got stuck in the mud…twice. Our umbrellas got blown inside out and we were soaked from head to toe but nonetheless it was fascinating to watch. These jockeys are pretty brave and amazing riders. The footing again was deep and these horses and riders were not fazed. It was a very cool experience.

We decided on LA Lux for Holly and as we were having him vetted, more exciting news came our way. Tom Meagher, head vet at Kedrah Hill has both Lux and Ricardo Z standing on his farm. These are two leading stallions. He breeds and then sells and I am so thrilled to announce my new partnership with him. He is sending on over a cute little black mare by Lux out of a Cavalier mare for me to compete and see what we have. I have a good feeling about this and I’m hoping this is one of many horses being sent this way. It all happened so fast I’m still trying to process it all!


Overall it was a trip of a lifetime. We got to spend time doing a little bit of everything and I cant tell you how fortunate I feel to be able to experience all of that. Holly and I are counting down to when the horses arrive!! In the meantime I am detoxing from all the warm whiskey and delicious food! The day after we returned it was back to reality; teaching and riding. This trip has lit a bit of fire under me and also made me more motivated and excited for the season to start!


Bring on 2014!!


Ending The Season

Since my last blog both horses have competed at both Woodside Horse Park and Galway Downs Horse Park. Two of my favorite shows! At Woodside Rockefeller, owned by The Garrets, competed in the CIC 2 star adding only a rail to his dressage score to finish the weekend in 7th place in a very competitive division. I was so proud of his effort all weekend long. And although having a rail was a bit of a bummer its a improvement that I am proud of and the fact that I can take full responsibility makes me feel better about it as well. Condi and Tito both finished the weekend strong with a third place ribbon for Tito.

All three horses went on to compete at Galway Downs and it was an insanely busy weekend. Every horse did a different phase everyday with a random jog thrown in there. I really could not have done it without the help of Kassi McMillan!! The weekend started with the YEH Championships competition for Condi and he put in a wonderful effort. It was a huge course and asked a lot out of him and he stepped up to the plate. It was a great prep for the competition itself. He then went on to compete in the long format Training Three Day and finished the weekend in 2nd place out of about 50 horses. He is such a little superstar and I am so excited for his future! Congrats to all of his wonderful owners! Tito stepped up to the plate this weekend completing his first preliminary event and he did it easily! another young one whos future I am excited for! Rockefeller had a great week of lessons with David O Connor leading up to the competition and on dressage day put in a wonderful test. I threw some points away with an error but it is exciting to see how far his dressage has come! Cross country day he felt super as he always does eating up the course but unfortunately I had some trouble at a turning question. He locked on to a one star jump located directly next to the two star jump and it was everything I could do to pull him off of it. I felt bad for him because he really did try but unfortunately it was not a question that was easy to re approach. Our partnership is young and I have no doubts he will be back out kicking butt and taking names in know time. In the mean time though It is back to the drawing board. Like his owner said ” If you can believe success will happen you will achieve. So we need to keep believing it.” I am so lucky to have the support group I have and even more lucky to be able to be sitting on the lovely string of horses I have. I cant wait for the 2014 season!
All my horses are on vacation except for Spot who seems to be rehabbing quite nicely ( knock on wood!) I am looking forward to another Ireland trip in the month of December and looking forward to taking some time to enjoy the holidays with the family before the show season rolls around! Since the year has come to an end its only appropriate that I take the time to thank everyone who has made this past year possible. First and foremost my parents are awesome and incredibly supportive and on top of that my mom is one amazing coach!! My boyfriend who was thrown into this show season in the middle of it and is definitely a certified “horse show  boyfriend” now. Its not an easy title to hold!! All my wonderful sponsors who keep my horses happy and healthy. They are on all the best supplements and dressed to impress thanks to SmartPak. Revita-Vet, helping more horses feel happy and healthy. My saddles that fit my horses so incredibly well letting them be able to perform to the best of their ability thanks to Voltaire Designs. APF for helping them (and myself) recover from tough workouts and travel well. And to Multi-radiance ActiVet   laser, keeping all their muscles tendons and ligaments happy and contributing to Spots amazing recovery!! I am so lucky to have you all and I look forward to adding more sponsors to my team come 2014! Everyone at the barn, it is such a  pleasure training and competing with you all! We have a great group of people!

I will be sure to update my blog during the Ireland trip!!


Twin Rivers

kellyblogheaderTwin Rivers was a very successful event for all three of my boys. The weekend started with the Young Event Horse competition where Condi placed third out of a very competitive division and if it was not for a bump on his hind leg where Rockefeller kindly kicked him he would have scored much better.  He then went on to win his open training division on a score of a 26. Tito usually puts in a brilliant dressage test but unfortunately suffered a bit from being the last horse in warm up and a ring next to the cross country. He redeemed himself by finishing the weekend on his dressage score. Rockefeller competed in the Open Intermediate division and put in a stellar dressage test. He is a few tests away from it being a winning test. He went around the cross country like it was a novice course and came in ten seconds under the time. Show jumping has proved to be a bit more difficult for him but as he is getting stronger so is his show jumping and this past week has been straight show jump boot camp.

I’m excited to get to Woodside and see how we are progressing. As always I am so grateful for my wonderful owners. The Garrett’s are nothing but supportive and I would not even be able to imagine sitting on a horse like Rockefeller without them. Thank you to my sponsors as well; SmartPak, RevitaVet, APF, ActiVet Laser and Voltaire Designs. My horses have all managed to place in the top three this past month, they are feeling and competing at their best and that wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful products that my sponsors provide.


Twin Rivers always does an amazing job and this past weekend was no exception. The footing was immaculate, the volunteers were wonderful and the Baxters are always gracious hosts, we are lucky to have such quality events in our area!

FTF as a whole had a great show and if you check the barns news and notes you can read all about it. Thanks for reading!

Copper Meadows

Kelly Pugh on Tito at Copper Meadows

Kelly Pugh on Tito at Copper Meadows

We are home from Copper Meadows and settled back into the routine of things. Besides the heat reaching into the low 100s it was a very successful show for Flying Tail Farms. I had mixed results but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Rockefeller made the move up to Intermediate this weekend. His dressage was good and he always puts in a really good workmanlike test but he is green to this level so I’m excited for the score to improve as we continue to work on our homework. Cross country was a bit unfortunate as we went early in the day and the track was slick and unfortunately he slipped and fell in a turn. He was going great until then and both of us walked away unharmed but it was a bummer to say the least.

We will try again at Twin in two weeks and perhaps he is a horse that needs to go in studs year round. I also took Tito this weekend and he was a super star. He put in a beautiful test of a 28 that was good enough for second place. He stormed around the cross country and proved that he is ready to possibly move up soon!



Show jumping was difficult and he put in a beautiful round with one unlucky rail to drop him to third. I am so proud of how far he has come and it makes me sad to offer him for sale but such is the business. The rest of FTF had a great show!! All the details are in the news section!

Thank you to all the parents who braved the heat with us and made sure we were hydrated and as cool as possible. And thank you to Copper Meadows for putting on such a great show!! A special shout out to Kaitlin Veltkamp for keeping an eye on my ponies that had to stay home. It is always comforting knowing that the ones at home are getting the right care and attention! Last but not least thank you to all my sponsors! With all the traveling and competing that my horses do it is important to me that they have access to all the best products! I am fortunate enough to have you all on my team and my horse’s thank you as much as I do!

I could not do it without you all!!

RevitaVetSmartPakBuckeye GrainVoltaire Saddles, APF and MR4 Activet Laser


The Event at Woodside

My First Place ribbon from Woodside

My First Place ribbon from Woodside

Flying Tail Farms made the short trip to the Woodside horse park to compete in the Summer Event. After making the long trip to Montana I can’t tell you how excited I was to drive forty minutes down the road to compete. I took my two boys and had a fantastic weekend with Rockefeller finishing on his dressage score of a 26 and putting in one of the only double clean show jump rounds in his division. After Montana it was important to me to give him a good confident ride and show him how easy and fun it can be. That is exactly what happened and I couldn’t be more pleased with his efforts. It is always fun to take home the blue and it is even more fun to take home the blue ribbon when his wonderful owners where there to cheer him on. He is a very special horse and it is fun building a partnership with him, he always tries so hard and wants to please which is a nice feeling! Condi put in a great effort placing second after the dressage with a 25 and show jumping double clean. Unfortunately he was a bit spooky at the drop into water on cross country but otherwise stormed around like a champ. I have said this before but he reminds me so much of my old horse Chloe and the funny part is that his moms name is “Chloe at her best.”

Rockefeller jumping double clean in the open prelim.

Rockefeller jumping double clean in the open prelim.

I think it is meant to be! Both of my horses are such a joy to be around and I get excited every time I come to the barn to ride them. They definitely are Irish though, always playing jokes. Rockefeller is an escape artist and has managed to not only open doors but to unclip double ended snaps and proceed to unclip Condi’s door as well. They eat anything insight including donuts and breakfast burritos and on more then one occasion they have enjoyed my Starbucks tea.

Flying Tail Farms as a whole had a great showing and there is a more detailed recap of everyone’s ride in the “news” section. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our barn. It definitely makes showing up and working the long hours way more enjoyable!

Just an update on my other horses, my advanced horse Spot is currently on the sidelines due to an injury. Although he looks sound as can be we don’t want to risk anything with him. He is an amazing horse and owes me nothing. Right now he is enjoying being Rockefeller’s pasture buddy and making sure that no one leaves any hay untouched. Tito is doing great and will be competing at Copper Meadows in two weeks. He is still for sale although I wouldn’t mind him staying around for a bit longer. I love working with the young ones especially with his kind of mind and talent. Rockefeller will be joining Tito at Copper and will be making his intermediate debut! Until then we are practicing in that white rectangular box and taking regular trips to Woodside to school cross country.


As always, thank you to all of my sponsors!




Thank you to all my sponsors, owners and supporters! I could not do it without you all!!

RevitaVetSmartPakBuckeye GrainVoltaire Saddles, APF and MR4 Activet Laser







Condi at the YEH Competition

Rebecca Farms is one of my most favorite competitions in the country and probably one of the nicest in the world. The trek out there and back is long and tiring but definitely worth it. This year I took two horses who are both new mounts for me; D.O.D Rockefeller who was purchased by the Garrets for me and Sportsfield Condi who is owned by the Sportsfield Condi Syndicate. Rockefeller competed in the CCI * where he put in a lovely dressage test to go into cross country sitting in fifth out of 50+ competitors. We had worked the week leading up to the competition with Team USA Coach David O Connor and his help on the flat really payed off. It is so much fun to have a horse that puts in a workmanlike test every time out. It’s been a long time coming for me to have that and I appreciate every minute of it. Cross country was your typical Ian Stark course and to be honest he is one of my favorite designers. It was big and bold and also asked all the appropriate technical questions. Rockefeller attacked the course in typical Irish fashion and came home feeling more confident then ever. We went into Show jumping in fourth place. Rockefeller is an amazing show jumper but unfortunately that Sunday was just not our day. He is naturally a bit of a spooky horse and if he loses his confidence he becomes more spooky.


Condi with his Second Place Ribbon

Rebecca Farms is known for their exuberant show jump course and with the combination of bad warm up and a spooky ring Rockefeller just lost his marbles a bit. At the time is was very disappointing but looking back on it I realize what an amazing jumper he is and really we are just getting to know each other. Another FEI event completed and finishing it with a sound and healthy horse was the most important part of it all. Condi had a fabulous weekend coming in as Reserve Champion of his first ever young event horse competition. It was a bit of a learning experience for both of us as I had never done a YEH competition either. It was exciting and fun and I was so proud of him seeing as how as only being five he just traveled 25 hours and showed up to win. The actual competition I competed him training and it was wonderful to have him end on his dressage score in his first ever event. He is such a fun horse to work with and I cant wait to see what the future holds for him. He reminds me so much of my old three star mount Chloe and I cant complain about that at all!

Katie Patton on Black Magic with Buckleigh

Katie Patton on Black Magic with Buckleigh

Flying Tail Farms also had Katie Patton there and she piloted her two mounts around the novice AND training three day. Ainsliegh Mitchell ran her second ever prelim here and had a beautiful round until the end of the course when she parted ways with her horse. She came away with some awesome battle wounds though! Also, a shout out to those two girls who were an awesome help all week.

The drive out took us about 24 hours and I could have not done it without my awesome boyfriend who drove out with me and helped me get all settled in once we arrived before having to fly home to get back to work . I would have had to do that drive alone if he hadn’t come, I cant tell you how thankful I am! My mom and I made the long drive home Sunday after show jumping and I had never been so excited to see signs for Hollister, Ca. Montana was a long educational week and I cant thank Sarah Broussard Kelly enough. Not only does she and her crew put on one of the nicest events she also gave out travel grants to help pay for gas. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of the grants and without that I could not have afforded the weekend. Thank you a million times over for this! Being a recipient of the Rebecca Broussard Travel Grant qualifies you for the “Big Becky” grant. This grant can be used for travel expenses to compete or for training purposes. Fingers crossed I get considered because what an amazing opportunity that would be!

Lastly I would like to thank my wonderful sponsors, supporters and owners.  RevitaVetSmartPakBuckeye GrainVoltaire Saddles, APF and MR4 Activet Laser; without your guys’ continued support my horses and I would not have access to the top products in the world. SmartPak makes traveling 25 hours to a horse show easy. I don’t have to worry about a ton of different buckets of supplements, I know they are getting the accurate amounts and I know they are fresh. Not to mention easy to store and easy to grab. There really is no other way to go. RevitaVet makes sure my horses muscles are feeling good and ready to compete. It’s so important to have access to this especially after my horses had so much travel time! With my horses on APF I don’t worry nearly as much about them traveling. This keeps their immune systems strong and their bodies feeling good and ready to compete. Voltaire Saddles are truly the best saddle company out there. Not only are they comfortable, they fit my horses perfectly and the customer service is great! I don’t go anywhere without my MR4 Activet Laser and trust me when I say I used it daily on anything from cuts to my own bruised foot. I am incredibly lucky to have these companies believing in me and supporting me!


Also I need to thank my wonderful owners who make all of this possible; The Garrets are the most supportive people I know and I am having so much fun being on this journey with them. Next year they will have to make the trip out to Montana! To Condi’s wonderful owners, thank you for taking the chance on a young horse you hadn’t seen prior to his arrival. He is bound for great things and I am excited to have you all a part of his future! My parents are my driving force. Their support and commitment to me and my riding career is unreal and I definitely would not be where I am today without you. And to everyone at Flying Tail Farms, I love our family and am so happy to share a ring with you guys on daily basis Now onto Woodside!

2013 Show Season Has Arrived!

The 2013 show season is well underway with two competitions already come and gone. The first of the season was Fresno County Horse Park. I took Spot in the Intermediate division and was really pleased with how he performed. He won the dressage by a solid five points and went on to jump clean. Every day I feel so grateful for the opportunity to ride such a fantastic horse.


The rest of Flying Tail Farms performed well and those who did not compete took advantage of the wonderful cross country course their and we all got a good school in. Galway quickly approached and as always they hosted a wonderful event. Once again Spot was fantastic he jumped clean and had a top three dressage finish. I know he can be winning the dressage every time and I am well aware that I am standing in the way of that happening. Dressage has been my weaker phase in the past but I am working hard to change that and every time I compete I feel it is improving greatly.

We had a bit of time cross country but seeing as it was his first run of the season and his first time at the intermediate level I did not find it necessary to push him. Flying Tail Farms once again had a very good outing with Zachary Brandt having a strong finish in the intermediate division and Hollie Read showing maybe she is ready to make the move up to prelim soon?!?! A big thank you to my mom who coaches better then anyone I know! Also a shout out to Beth Cannon who made sure we had Starbucks EVERY morning. Totally necessary to compete well. :)

My dad made the drive out for which I am very grateful for and my wonderful boyfriend wore many hats over the weekend helping me, cheering me on and supporting me all while be awesome and we even managed to do a few crossfit workouts over the weekend. Overall I would call it a success!!


USA team coach David O’Connor is a wonderful coach and offered so much information that I am still weeks later running his lessons through my head. It was a great learning experience being able to watch, listen and talk with him. I was able to ride Spot with him and before we jumped he got on and it was awesome watching him ride. He liked Spot a lot and I am excited to work more with him in the future. The west coast riders really showed DOC what they are made of and should be very proud of themselves!

As it has already been made public I am sure many of you know about the sale of my wonderful mare Copycat Chloe. Chloe shipped out to the east coast last Thursday to go back to her old/new home. She joined Allison Springer and I wish them nothing but success! That mare holds a very special place in my heart and always will. Saying goodbye to her was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but I know she is going to a great home and for that I am very happy. I got Chloe as a very green six year old who had never competed and took her to both her and my first CCI Three Star at Fair Hill where we finished first in the Under25 Division. We also won the 2010 NAJYRC Individual Gold and Team silver in the two star division. We were named to many training lists and have had much success together. We put each other on the map and I will forever be grateful for all she has done for me and will miss her greatly but I am definitely enjoying all the updates I am getting :) I can’t wait to watch the two of them do big things together! Thank you to everyone who supported Chloe and I and believed in us. Your support helped take us places I never knew was possible and I can’t thank you all enough for being apart of that journey. For some more exciting news I head to Ireland in a few short days and could not be more excited!

As always my wonderful sponsors deserve a shootout; RevitaVetSmartPakBuckeye GrainVoltaire Saddles, APF and MR4 Activet Laser. Flying Tail Farms hosted the USEF West Coast Training sessions a few weeks back and if you are in the area and did not get the chance to audit I highly suggest trying to make it happen this time!



Once again I would like to thank David Garret of California Drywall and the rest of his family for funding this trip and wanting to support an up and coming rider. We need more people like them in this sport! I will be in Ireland for seven days and fingers crossed I can get some hunting in while I am there! CANT WAIT. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and update as soon as I am back.

Last but not least I would like to welcome MR4 Activet Laser onto my team of sponsors! This laser is a top of the line laser that can treat anything from soreness, open wounds, pain, tissue repair, reduce swelling to maintenance. Better yet it can be used on humans too. I look forward to giving this a go and am excited to report back on how awesome it is! The weekend after Ireland I head to Twin Rivers with the rest of FTF for hopefully what will be another successful show! I will be sure to keep you all updated and once again, thank you for reading :)


The End Of 2012 Season

The end to a season is always a bit bittersweet. I find myself ready for a bit of a break yet my competitive side wants to keep going! All the horses went out with a bang this season! Galway Downs hosted one of the nicest events I have ever had the privilege of attending. Robert Kellerhouse and his team did an amazing job bringing in spectators and running a flawless event.


The first horse inspection

The first horse inspection

Spot On competed in the CCI * star and I have to say that was probably one of my most memorable cross country rides to this date. I came off course hugged my mom and had to hold back tears. He is a fairly new ride to me and although we have had smooth cross country rounds leading up to this show, this was the first time we worked as a team. It was a pretty special moment for me. Spot went on to jump a double clean show jump round and came in fourth in a 50 plus division of talented horses and riders. I can’t wait for his future!

My other horse competing that weekend was my OTTB five year old Tito. He continues to step his game up and this weekend was no exception. He competed in the T3D and I have to say being able to do steeplechase again was so much fun! He ended on his dressage score coming in third place and keeps showing everyone what a trier he is. Another horse who’s future I am so excited for!

Chloe spent the end of her season strutting her stuff in the Jumper ring. She is truly a freak of nature when it comes to show jumping and its fun to see her excel in that. She did multiple mini prixs and even won one of them! One of the highlights of the year for me was watching my mom compete again for the first time in over nine years! She completely killed it winning the dressage, running fast and clean on cross country and unfortunately one unlucky rail knocked her to second. Nonetheless she made it known that she still has it!!! It was so fun to be apart of that!! GO MOM!


Copycat Chloe Advanced Show Jump

When the end of the season rolls around it comes time to reflect on everything. I have had some highs this season and also some of my lowest lows. Unfortunately the lows is apart of this sport like it is in any sport and you learn to use the lows to make yourself better. A lot of lessons have been learned this season and I can’t wait to come back out next season a little wiser. I am so lucky to have the support that I do. My mother is not only my couch she is my mentor, my friend and someone who inspires me everyday to strive for the best. She has been by my side to help me through the lows and celebrate my highs all the while keeping me level headed. My dad is my biggest fan and not only do we have an amazing bond he has a special bond with each of my horses and I know he is just as emotionally invested in these animals as I am.

Being back in California made me realize how much I missed working with Shannon Lilley. She is such an inspiration and I know has my best interests at heart. I can’t wait for her to be competing at the FEI levels again with me, its going to be soon too!! Flying Tail Farms is such a wonderful family and I am very lucky to be apart of it.

I am very very lucky to have some wonderful sponsors. Without these guys I would not be nearly as successful and my horses would not be privy to some of the best supplements, feed and equipment out there. APF, SmartPak, RevitaVet, Voltaire Designs and Buckeye Grain. Thank you so much for your continued support!


This off season welcomes the horses with a bit of down time but mostly with homework for all of us. I know what we have to work on and I can’t wait to get started! All the horses look great besides being a bit dirty and furry :) Looking onto next year I have a full competition schedule but most excited about my trip to Ireland. In my last blog I introduced the Garret Family as my new owners and we have now finalized the details for our horse shopping trip. Ireland here we come!! I hope everyone had a wonderful season and are all enjoying some down time. Happy Holidays and see you all back at it soon!!

– xoxo Kelly

Summer Season

523353_10151136173470827_276016729_nBeing home has been nothing short of amazing. Although I miss my friends I made in Virginia there is nothing quit like being surrounded by your family while doing what you love. Woodside was a good show for me getting back in the swing of things. Chloe came in Second in the advanced and Tito proved that he is a horse of the future. Montana did not go quite as planned for Chloe but unfortunately thats all part of it. You can read all about it on Eventing Nation here.

This past weekend I took a handful of horses to Twin Rivers. It was fun competing there seeing as how it has been almost two years since I have been there and as always The Baxter family did an outstanding job and put on a wonderful show. My prelim horse Spot was wonderful, although I felt he got robbed in the dressage he was consistently good all weekend. I am very excited to have the ride on this horse! My training horse Tito was also consistently good. Both the dressage ring and show jump ring was full of atmosphere and he handled it wonderfully. Chloe also had a good weekend.


I have been working with Bea DiGrazia along with my mother on the flat and the combination of the two have them has been helping Chloe and I get consistently better and better on the flat. It is hard for me to be patient with her knowing what she is capable of getting but that is why I am being patient. I know it is in there and in time everyone else will see it too. Overall Twin Rivers was a successful show.

Team FTF had a good weekend with both Hollie Read and Holly Garret ending in the top three. Congrats guys! I also want to thank everyone who helped me this weekend. Couldn’t have done it without you all! Now time to get ready for woodside! Chloe will run in the CIC three star, Spot in the Prelim and Tito in the Training.
I will also be riding a client horse in the training. A very nice horse owned by Cathy Rich.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be sitting on so many nice horses! Woodside is one of my favorite events and I can’t wait to be back there competing. Now for some really exciting news!! It was hard to write all that and leave this to the end but here it goes…I want to welcome the Garret Family as owners. Pretty soon here My mother and myself and the Garrett Family will embark on a trip to Ireland to hopefully come back with something pretty special! I am so excited to have them be apart of this journey. Hollie Garrett is a talented young rider and I hope being apart of this will encourage her to follow her dreams and show her that with hard work anything is possible. I am so thrilled to be going to Ireland and even more thrilled to add another horse to my string!

I couldn’t think of a more supportive family who not only believe in me but believes in this sport. I will be sure to keep you all posted on Woodside and Ireland.

A special thank you to my wonderful sponsors;  APF, SmartPakRevitaVetVoltaire Designs and Buckeye Grain.


As always thanks for reading! xoxo Kelly, Buckleigh, chloe, Spot and Tito